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Welcome to the Homepage of Prospective Innovations.  Prospective Innovations CC is a business situated in Somerset-West in the Western Cape, South Africa.


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Prospective Innovations manufactures the unique and patented Brixmaster, a device that measures the sugar contents in grapes in a simple and cost effective manner.
Features like low cost, durability and simplicity enable producers now to issue each picker or cutter with a Brixmaster.
This means cutters can perform “in-field” sugar tests to ensure that the grapes are cut at the optimum sugar level.

Why is sugar content in grapes important?
When grapes, especially export table grapes, are harvested, it is essential to harvest or cut it at the right sugar content. If it is cut too early with a too low sugar level, it will be rejected by export inspectors. On the other hand – if it is cut too late producers may loose money because of the downward trend in price against time.

What did producers do up till now?
Refractometers are used to determine the sugar level in fruit. This instrument uses a prism to determine the amount of sugar in the grape. Although this is a very accurate instrument, it is too expensive and delicate to issue each picker or harvester with one. The result is that in many countries pickers or cutters rely on tasting the grape berry to determine the sugar content. This is a very inaccurate and uncomfortable method.

What is the “Brixmaster” exactly?
What table grape producers needed was a, relatively accurate, low cost and easy to use device with a fast reading to be able them to issue one to each of their laborers, independent of their level of skills - With the arrival of the patented Brixmaster, this need was fulfilled.

The Brixmaster is a mechanical device, using the specific gravity to determine the sugar contents of the grapes. The higher the sugar level, the higher the specific gravity of the grape, and visa versa. The Brixmaster is used with a Brixmaster medium that is sold with the Brixmasters.

The Brixmaster will not give a direct reading, but will, within seconds, indicate if the grape is above or below the sugar level tested for.

For technical detail and owner instructions on the Brixmaster working principles, please visit the “Contact Us” page.

The Brixmaster is made of high impact resistant Polycarbonate and will not break, even in the harshest conditions.

Why do producers use the Brixmaster worldwide?
  • Low Cost (About a tenth of a refractometer)
  • Fast Readings (Within three seconds)
  • Easy to use (No skills required)
  • Durability (Can last up to ten years)
Were tests done on the Brixmaster and is it proven yet?
The Brixmaster was only introduced into the market in October 2002 in South Africa and several thousand units were sold to satisfied producers.

Tests were done by a leader in Horticultural Technologies, Hortec in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Their report can be found by visiting the “Contact Us” page.

The Brixmaster is exported to several countries and a worldwide distribution network. With approved dealers exists. To get information about a distributor near you, please visit the “Contact Us” page.

Complementary Brixmaster CD
Contact us at sales@prosinnovations.com for a complementary CD with comprehensive video material on the Brixmaster.

Owner Instructions on the Brixmaster in PDF Format
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Evaluation report on the Brixmaster:
To View, click Hortecevaluation.pdf

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Please contact us with any product requests, questions or information you should need.

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